Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Go to the Zoo

Octavius, a two to three year old Giant Pacific Octopus at the National Zoo
Let me make an argument for going to the zoo. ANIMALS RULE. Not convinced you should start planning your trip? Oh, I see. You're deterred by the exhausted, whining children who have parents determined to see every animal. I know the type. Those were my parents, and I love them dearly for exposing me to everything they could.

However, as a woman in my twenties with no children, I have to find ways to enjoy certain things that are clearly intended for children. Cartoons, carrot sticks and zoos--for example. I can easily satiate my cartoon cravings with Netflix. Carrot sticks are available at any grocery store, although they are best eaten in private because they are obnoxiously loud. Enjoying zoos, nevertheless, involves more planning.

Let me make an argument for going to the zoo when it rains.
1. There are less people. Rain weeds out those who are not truly committed to zoo time. Wear waterproof shoes and a raincoat. Pack an umbrella. A few weeks ago I went to the National Zoo on Friday afternoon. There was a steady fall of spring rain all day and traffic was very light. It was lovely!

2. Most feedings and encounters will still occur rain or shine. At 3:30 I enjoyed a Crustacean Feeding, which I heard about using their website. The staff of the Invertebrate House were pleased to see a small crowd of about 9 people on this rainy afternoon and zealously shared the dining experience.

3. The animals get frisky. In the dead of summer, a downpour cools everybody off and the animals come out to play.

In closing, I'd like to offer this: ANIMALS RULE. Have fun at the zoo!

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  1. "Rain weeds out those who are not truly committed to zoo time."

    ...from the Father, to the Son, to the Holy Spirit... Amen.