Thursday, June 23, 2011

JJJPod: 60-Second Science

Although it’s a nice round number, let me petition Scientific American, producers of the 60-Second Science podcast, to change the title to a more accurate number: 79-Second Science. Using a sample of new episodes, n=41, I calculated the mean, x=79.

Despite the deceptive title, this podcast RULES. Released weekdays, it’s hosted by a handful of characters who use quirky sounds and songs to enhance the random selection of science snippets.

As one host might say, thanks for the minute!


  1. Didn't have space to mention this, but I used only 79 words to write this! WEEEE!

  2. Ha ha... Yes, you did. Nice work.

  3. LOL Did you count all those manually or did you do a copy/paste/word count thing?